More Singaporeans now living in condos according to survey

More Singaporeans now own their own houses, according to results of the most recent General Household Survey released by the Department of Statistics (Singstat) on Wednesday (9 March). In 2015, homeownership among resident families reached 90.8 percent, up from 87.2 percent in 2010. Around 80.1 percent of families in Singapore lived in HDB flats last… Read More »

How Will You Optimize Your Property Investment Gain?

Purchasing an investment property is about making the most gain potential. Marketplace conditions that you don’t have any control over play a large part in property value. Nevertheless, you do have control over optimizing the profitability of your investment in the event that you decide on your premises prudently. Here are a number of variables… Read More »

Factors To Ponder Before A 2nd Home Property

The profitableness of property investment is enticement to get another property. But purchasing another property is additionally a high-risk move that could bust up your finances if you are not prepared. That is why it is vital that you comprehend both your obligations as well as the home marketplace as a property owner. So before… Read More »

Things You Need To Know Before Signing Your Loan Contract

It required several rounds, but the latest MAS measures (2013) eventually made a dent in Singapore’s home marketplace. Home loans also impacted, bringing these limitations: Loan tenures are limited at 35 years, including refinancing. These measures caused a rise in interest rates as banks attempted to compensate for a decrease in the quantity of home… Read More »

How Much Is Your First Property Home Going To Cost?

Purchasing Your First House In regards to purchasing your first house, price may be the greatest question in your mind. But if you are intending to buy a HDB flat, the response depends upon your qualification, the estate (matured/non-developed), home grants, and whether you are taking out a HDB or bank loan. Here’s how your… Read More »